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YD 系列三相异步电动机


防护等级:IP44 IP54 Ip55

General introduction
This series motors are designed and manufactured under incorporating the advantages of the counterparts in the world, and are in full conformity
with international standard of IEC. This motor employs method of changing  the  pole numbers so as to carry out speed  adjustment.  The series motors have features of small volume, light weight, low noise, well starting performance, reliable operation, convenient maintenance,  etc. The main technical indexes have reached the international Standard.
The series motors are widely used in various mechanical  equipment which needs stepped speed adjustment, so that they enable the equipment to have compact structure, lower noise and ability to save energy. Simultaneously, multi-speed
motor with special specification can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of customers, such  as  multi-speed  three-phase asynchronous motor for YDT fans and pumps.

Degree of protection: IP44   IP54    Ip55