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Y2 系列三相异步电动机


General introduction
Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors, developed with new techniques,  are renewal and upgrading products of  Y series.
Y2 series motors are defined as totally enclosed, fan cooled, squirrel cage type and noted for their novel design, beautiful  model, compact structured, low noise, high efficiency,  large torque, excellent  starting performance, easy serving, etc. The motors are adopted with F class insulation and designed with assessing method for insulation system according to in ternational practice, it enhances greatly have reached an international advanced level of the same kind of products at the initial days of the 90s.
Y2 series motors can be widely used as driving equipments of various machineries, such as  machine  tools, blowers,  pumps,  compressors, transporters, agricultural and food processing. Pedestal installation size and centre height and other indexes of the motor completely measured by Y series three-phase asynchronous motor.