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ML 系列主要特征:体积小、容量大、启动力矩大、及效率高、运行安全可靠、结构简单、容易维护。该电动机拥有6个机座,其容量相当于三相异步电动机。
该系列电动机全部采用全封闭、外扇冷式结构、F绝缘等级、外形防护采用IP54等级及ICO141冷却模式,安装尺寸完全符合IEC标准。安装型号:IM B35。
ML 系列异步电动机适用于满负荷启动的机械设备。

ML series c main features: mall size high capacity, strong starting torque, high power factor and efficiency, safety and reliability in running, simple construction and easy maintenance, it possess frame No. and capacity as three-phase asynchronous motors.
This series motors is of totally enclosed fan-cooted structure, class F insulation, Ip54 degree of protection and Ic0141 method of cooling. The mounting dimensions of the motors are all in conformity with IEC standards.
Mounting types: IM  B35.
ML series motors is suitable is suitable for machines and equipments such as full load start.